Confirm your organization develops and maintains a comprehensive account management program to properly govern accounts of individuals, groups, systems, applications, along with guest and temporary accounts and ensures Least Privilege access across all accounts.

More Uses of the Least Privilege Toolkit:

  • Identify: security concepts as authentication, access control, authorization, cryptography, Least Privilege.
  • Become skilled in implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM) and A knowledge Center in best practices to support Least Privilege access.
  • Develop and maintain AD Group Policy Objectives to ensure consistent application of security policy, improve administration, and support Principle of Least Privilege strategies.
  • Methodize: design strategy for network segmentation to secure network access, inspect and log all traffic, Least Privilege access control, advanced threat protection, high performance secure networking.
  • Ensure you anticipate; lead the identity and access management initiatives across your organization to establish Least Privilege principle for critical asset and information.
  • Secure that your operation complies; access control, Least Privilege.
  • Migrate applications and ensure the Azure environment is correctly configured from a security and Least Privileged access standpoint to run the apps securely.
  • Be accountable for ensuring system implement tight access controls by enforcing principles of Least Privilege and separation of duties.
  • Ensure you unite; build and develop systems and processes to enforce Least Privilege.
  • Audit: security consciousness, adhering to the principle of Least Privilege.
  • Engage business leaders for approvals to update new roles and procedures using Least Privileged access methodology.
  • Manage work with risk management personnel to ensure proper access control with Least Privilege.
  • Classify data, apps, and systems and Least Privileged access according to risk.
  • Deploy and manage secret and privileged access management technologies to enable secure access, application of Least Privilege principle and accountability for change/configuration management.
  • Set and enforce guidelines regarding Least Privilege, just in time access, password rotation, session management/recording, privileged access review, etc.
  • Ensure configuration compliance with Least Privilege security concept for cloud users and privilege accounts.
  • Audit: security minded, adhering to the principle of Least Privilege.
  • Drive: review network segmentation to ensure Least Privilege for network access.
  • Lead: implement and validate the security principles of minimum attack surface area, Least Privilege, secure defaults, avoiding security by obscurity, keeping security simple and fixing security issues correctly.
  • Ensure you reorganize; build and develop systems and processes to enforce Least Privilege in a transparent way.
  • Methodize: Least Privilege level of access for all users.


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