Chapter 4 – Test Questions

List the key issues stressed by an agile philosophy of software engineering.

Answer (Section 4.4):

The importance of self-organizing teams
Communication and collaboration between team members and customers
Recognition that change represents opportunity
Emphasis on rapid delivery of software that satisfies the customer

What are the tradeoffs (values) proposed by the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”?

Answer (Section 4.1):

Individuals and interactions valued over processes and tools
Working software valued over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration valued over contract negotiation
Responding to change valued over following a plan

Describe the role of customers and end-users on an agile process team?

Answer (Section 4.3):

Customers and end-users participate as full collaborators on agile process teams. They are the source of information used to create use cases and provided needed information on the business value of proposed software feature and functionality. They also provide much needed feedback on operational prototypes during incremental delivery of software increments.

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