Mashups when used in music space can unite tunes that are not connected before as it can still create pleasant music. On the other hand, mashups when used on the Web, it unites data that came from various sources. In fact, enterprise mashups are designed for easy execution, friendly and accessible to Web users, and designed to present significant contents.

To enable success of map mashups creation, mashups and developers should have broad knowledge about their audience, as well as full understanding in various business undertakings. Therefore it is as simple as this, spending insufficient time in comprehending what business are you putting up, what your business is all about, and taking for granted what your business needs is like ending your business even before it get started. In line with this truth, you are actually putting yourself and your future business in jeopardy.

Map mashups have the capabilities to become context-focused based on the applications that were created and built. This is beneficial to enterprises because everything is places in the context of the end-users like what the end-users do.
Finally, and to gain more understanding on enterprise mashups, here are the four kinds of mashups that are connected in creating map mashups:

1. The back-end mashups that aim to get a bigger audience while sorting out the information it can provide to the users.
2. The business mashups that primarily deals with orchestration processes in events organization.
3. The front-user mashups that is specifically designed to perform technicalities in the business lines which involve information that is embedded in the page or other connected sources.
4. The social enterprise mashups created by developers to provide social interaction and it also involves activities that are linked to the applications.

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