Log-in allows individual access.  In Google, a Google Account is made up of an email and password.  Google account allows users to tie up with the multiple Google services using one email address and password.  AdWords is one of Google services.  AdWords account is an advertiser’s personal dashboard that relates to the advertisers AdWords advertising.  It includes AdWords campaigns, billing history and other information.

It used to be that advertisers log in different email and password as they access the AdWords system.  But Google has changed this procedure, wherein it makes the life of Google users simpler while increasing security by using just one log-in name.  So if you are to create an AdWords account, you will be asked to use your existing Google account login for AdWords.  Google has even made it easier for AdWords users to remember if they have an existing Google Account.  In their Google Assistance page, users will be asked to enter an email that they frequently use.  If Google recognize the email address tied to Google Account, the email and reset password notice is sent.  If it becomes impossible to recognize, you can create a new Google Account when you create your AdWords account.

As you log in to AdWords account, advertisers are able to see their ads’ clickthrough rates (CTR’s) listed below each of the ads.  If a particular ad is showing low CTR, advertisers have the option to delete or refine keywords to improve the overall performance of the Ad Group.

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