Looking back at 2011 – ITIL, cloud computing and gamification

This morning it hit me – we only have 5 working days left in this Calendar year. Must admit that the silly season is well and truly happening in our office with Christmas decorations everywhere and the team are baking Christmas goodies every day until Christmas, so it shouldn’t have been such a surprise… but still – 5 days is not a lot!


Should you ask me which month I feel it is, I would probably say “May” or perhaps “August” – it feels we have done so much this year and yet the last Christmas only seems such a short while ago.

So let’s see – what have been some of the highlights of this year?

The first 6 months revolved around the ITIL V2-V3 Bridging Programs. We had many students that needed to complete their bridging courses before the cut off dat of the 30th of June. Initially the ITIL Foundation Bridging exam stopped, and on the 30th of June the ITIL Manager Bridge exam stopped being an option for ITIL Service Managers to get a shortcut towards their ITIL Expert certification.

I presented a number of webinars with Brighttalk around Cloud Computing and Service Level Management. The fun thing about this is that I get to create new materials every time when I do a presentation like that. Gets the brain working again!

I also presented at the FUSION11 conference in September which was a lot of fun!

In February I went to Bangalore for a conference and the Asia Pacific Presidents’ meeting for EO, which was amazing. It never ceases to amaze me when I am in India how many opportunities there are and how much is possible when you focus on the desired outcome and have a clear picture of what you want your results to look like.

Speaking of opportunities: In May I spent 3 days in Boston to attend my first year seminar as part of the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program. Wow – what a buzz and what an amount of take away value I got from that experience! I am sure our students and clients have noticed the difference in the months following my return from MIT as we have implemented many of the customer focused improvements I took home from that course.

The last six months have been mainly focused around redesigning our store (http://store.theartofservice.com ) to make it friendlier for our clients. We also added our Affiliate program so people can sell our educational materials and receive a weekly commission on their sales. Our Facebook page is now well and truly happening (www.facebook.com/theartofservice ) and we started using Livechat to engage with our clients on a more personal level while being online. It has been an amazing experience!

Did we create new educational materials this year?

YES – YAH – YEAH – absolutely!

Let’s see:

  1. – The ENTIRE ITIL 2011 portfolio:
    1. ITIL Foundation
    2. ITIL Intermediate Capability
    3. ITIL Intermediate Lifecylce
    4. Exam preparation courses for each ITIL training program
  2. 3rd Edition of the ISO/IEC 20000 Course
  3. ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation
  4. Cloud Computing Foundation – 3rd Edition
  5. Service Level Management Certification

And this is only in the elearning space – we also added the Research Collections and more books and toolkits.

An introduction to Cloud Computing - Educational resources to get you started on the Business of Cloud ComputingThe Gamification Toolkit

We also moved offices and are currently in the middle of a major upgrade of our internet connection. WOW – when you put it like that, 2011 has been a very busy year!

Next week Friday we are closing our office to give the staff their well earned break.

Everybody will be back on the 2nd of January 2012 for another amazing year where we can help career driven IT Professionals to achieve their educational goals.

Merry Christmas everybody! And I look forward to talk to you again in the new year.




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