Many aspire to become a Sun Certified Professional (SCP), but only a few are successful. Is this a fact? Actually it depends. This is because it takes a lot of determination and knowledge of Sun technologies, particularly Solaris Operating System and Java programming language to pass this certification program from Sun Microsystems. Many have devoted their time to study Sun technologies to develop the needed skillsets and be considered as experts on this field. One of these gurus is Khalid A. Mughal.

Khalid A. Mughal is a professor at the University of Bergen, Norway (Department of Informatics). His extensive career was spent in conducting seminars and developing courses that may be considered as a benchmark in the world of IT. He has also sought the importance of professional certification programs to many hopeful candidates; specifically Java programming that is one of the most in demand nowadays. Aspirants have to pass the Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) exam to start their career in Java-related professions, and Khalid A. Mughal has a brilliant solution in making it to the SCJP roster just like a piece of cake.

One of his finest books entitled, Programmer’s Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive Primer is now being read and applied by many SCJP wannabes. This book is a collaborative effort between Khalid A. Mughal and Rolf W. Rasmussen, a system developer of many Java-related programs as being used in various media forms such as films, advertisements, TV programs, and the Web. Their contribution to the IT industry is truly unprecedented, making a lasting mark to those former hopefuls, but now called Sun Certified Java Professionals.


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