A podcast refers to audio or video digital media files, which can be distributed on the Internet and can be syndicated, subscribed to and downloaded. Meanwhile, podcasting means the method by which these files are syndicated.

A Look at How Podcasting Originated

Podcasting became possible through the advent of Internet in 2004 . Because of the presence of the Internet and personal computers in homes, podcasting has been broadcasted all over the world and sometimes without any cost. People can start looking in their computers and access podcast content to be downloaded and be synchronized with their MP3 players.

After this, blogging became popular which allowed people to express their thoughts in a casual manner. Podcasting followed blogging in online forums where everyone can become a commentator or a journalist. This is when the concept of audio blogging was born. This was made possible because of faster connection speeds and larger transfers of information. Instead of writing, people can speak and record themselves. Afterwards, they can post their blogs as an MP3 file, which added a personal element to blogging.
However, there is a problem encountered with audio blogging. People have difficulty downloading them and then having them played in their MP3 players.
This idea of simplifying this process was suggested by Adam Curry, an MTV VJ. He wanted the automation of the delivery and synchronizing of content to portable audio players.

Podcasting became possible with the spread of MP3 files and MP3 players. Today, the history of prodcasting is undergoing several rapid changes towards more technologies and markets.

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