Looking for a company to conduct your ITIL certification exam(s)?


While it might not seem like it is important which institution conducts your certification exam(s), it actually matters quite a lot. Even if we are to assume that all companies offering testing services are presenting nearly identical materials (in terms of difficulty and coherency of content), the protocols and environment in which testing procedures are carried out do play a significant role in these kinds of matters. It could even be argued that psychological factors push many individuals to perform either good or bad on their examinations (once again, given the conditions / mitigating factors surrounding the testing procedures / environment). This is of course why you need to choose an organization that can deliver testing services that are of a higher level in terms of quality.

Prometric is a recognized provider of testing services for IT professionals; this of course applies to both individuals and groups. Aside from possessing a global network with over 5k individual testing centers, Prometric is also able to deliver testing services in a variety of online/offline formats. The point is, whether you require online testing, reservations at an official testing center, or even the “old-fashioned way” (with paper materials and pencils), Prometric can help. Additionally, Prometric is able to offer companies data processing and storage services as well.

The power and experience that Prometric wields stems from it’s 40+ years in the professional development and testing field, as well as its presence in over 160 countries comprising 10k+ testing centers. Those who actually benefit the most from the services provided by Prometric are the students themselves, as they consistently report feeling much more at ease with their testing environment (and the convenience in terms of location).

OK, now you know who to go for your testing requirements, the question now is; what’s the best way to prepare for your ITIL certification test?

Theartofservice.com is a recognized leader in providing effective, portable, affordable, and instantly accessible ITIL certification courses / programs. This outstanding organization delivers most of their ITIL cert products via an e-learning format (digital delivery of course materials and online interactive components).

Here are just a few of the many benefits of studying with theartofservice.com:

One of the major drawbacks to seeking out supplementary professional development / certification in the area of let’s say, a private or public college, is the scheduling conflict(s) that such an undertaking will invite. This is to say that if you’re already working (probably full-time), having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate time-consuming trips to and from additional destinations might not even be possible. Even if you are able to squeeze in an ITIL certification course at a nearby university, chances are (due to your long work hours), you won’t be prepared or enthusiastic about what you are learning. What’s the point of taking a class if you’re too tired or not motivated? You’ll simply end up absorbing only part of the knowledge the course has to offer and likely fail your certification exam anyway; e-learning is the much better option.

Most professional development programs can be exorbitantly overpriced, especially if they are conducted on university grounds; however, this is not the case with e-learning. A top-notch e-learning course for ITIL is not only the most affordable option for virtually everyone, it’s also the most cost-effective given the fact that graduates of these programs tend to exhibit a pass rate of over 90% upon their first testing attempt.

Expertly designed courses
Furthermore, all ITIL certification courses offered by theartofservice.com are constructed to facilitate your learning experience so that you not only accumulate more information on the subject, but you truly understand more of what you retain as well. The interactive elements of the various ITIL cert programs in particular strongly reinforce the base knowledge you gain through your primary texts / materials.

E-learning means you can study anywhere, at any time
The great thing about e-learning with theartofservice.com is the fact that course materials are primarily delivered via a digital format. What this means is that you can take your course with you wherever you may go and view it on virtually any device you can imagine (including tablets, smartphones, PC’s, Mac’s, and laptops).

Group rate discounts
Additionally, theartofservice.com also offers special group rate discounts for those companies and organizations who would like to have their entire IT department certified simultaneously.

Alright, so let’s recap; if you’re looking for testing, Prometric is the global leader in that department. If you need professional development training programs / courses to help you or your subordinates prepare for certification exams, think Theartofservice.com.

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