October 8, 2015
10:00 a.m. PT -Teleconference
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Participant PIN Code: 16353977#
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Participants Joining our WebEx:
Go to:
Click on the Meeting Name: SNIA 2015 Annual Members’ Meeting
Enter the Meeting Password: snia2015

2015 Annual Members’ Meeting Agenda
Greetings and Roll Call (for Quorum) – Leo Leger, Executive Director

Welcoming Comments and Agenda -David Dale, 2015 Chairman

Motion to Approve 2014 Meeting Minutes -David Dale, substituting for Jim Pappas, 2015 Secretary

Announcement of 2016 Board and Technical Council Election Results, and 2016 Board and TC Members – Leo Leger, Executive Director

SNIA Overview and 2015 Annual Update -David Dale

Fiscal Report (2014 Annual Report) – Allan Zmyslowski, 2015 Treasurer

Questions and Answers – Members and SNIA Board Members

Roll Call and Approval of 2014 Minutes
Roll Call of Voting Member Companies

Primary Representatives of Voting Member Companies, please identify yourselves during Roll Call

If you work for a Voting Member Company and do not hear your primary representative, please identify yourself during roll call -Proxy representation is Acceptable

Motion for a Vote to approve 2014 Meeting Minutes will take place if quorum is met -if not, we will do a Roll Call again at end of meeting. Otherwise, minutes will be later approved via e-Mail Ballot.

Roll Call: Roster of Voting Companies And Primary / Voting Representatives
J Metz, Cisco
Matt Smith, Computerworld
Tim Hudson, Cryptsoft
Hakan Axtellus, Cygate AB
Molly Rector, DataDirect Networks
Bill Dawkins, Dell Computer Corp.
Wayne Adams, EMC Corporation
Mark Jones, Emulex Corporation (Avago)
Camberley Bates, Evaluator Group
Al Zmyslowski, Fujitsu America Inc.
Doug Voigt, HP
Eric Hibbard, Hitachi Data Systems

Yolanda Fang, Huawei Technologies
Dave Gimpl, IBM
Jim Pappas, Intel Corporation
Xuyun Song, MacroSAN
Rob Peglar, Micron
SW Worth, Microsoft Corporation
David Dale, NetApp
Ron Emerick, Oracle Corporation
Lou Lydiksen, Pure Storage
Craig Carlson, QLogic
Bill Martin, Samsung SSI
Mark Carlson, Toshiba

Quorum Number Requirement is 13 of 24
Announcing 2015-2016 Board of Directors
Wayne Adams -EMC *
David Dale -NetApp *
J Metz -Cisco
Rupin Mohan -HP
Jim Pappas -Intel *
Molly Rector -DataDirect Networks
Thomas Rivera -Hitachi Data Systems *
Jim Williams -Oracle *
Rob Peglar -Micron **
SW Worth -Microsoft
Al Zmyslowski -Fujitsu
Non-Voting Board Members:
Leo Leger -SNIA Executive Director
2015-2016 Technical Council Chair (TBD)
Announcing 2015-2016 Technical Council

Craig Carlson -QLogic
Mark Carlson -Toshiba
Fred Knight -NetApp
Bill Martin -Samsung SSI *
Peter Murray -Load DynamiX **
Leah Schoeb -Intel
Doug Voigt -HP
Alan Yoder -Individual
2015 Non-Voting Technical Council Members ***
Alex McDonald, NetApp
Chin-Fah Heoh, Storage Networking Academy
Yukinori Sakashita, Hitachi, Ltd
Udayan Singh, Tata Consultancy Services
David Thiel, Dave Thiel Consultant, LLC
Steve Wilson, Brocade
Arnold Jones, SNIA, TC Managing Director
Staff and Contractors: Supporting and Coordinating SNIA Activities (as of September 1, 2015)
Executive Director: Leo Leger

Operations and Business Services
Michael Meleedy, Business Services and Education Director
Kelli Martin, Business Services Coordinator
Serena White, Online Programs and Web Manager
Kristin Hauser, Diane Marsili, and Denise Ridolfo, Program Consultants (Contractors)

Membership Services and Sales
Marty Foltyn, Business Development Representative (Contractor)
Lisa Mercurio, Membership Services Manager

SNIA Emerald and KMIP Programs
Dave Thiel, Program Director (Contractor)

Education and Global Programs
Nancy Clay, Education Program Manager
Paul Talbut, Global Education and Regional Affiliate Program Director (Contractor)

Technology and Technology Center
Arnold Jones, Technical Council Managing Director
John Malia, Technology Systems and Support Engineer and SNIA Technology Infrastructure Manager
Erin Weiner, Project and Operations Manager

SMI Management and Program Support (Includes F&I Programs)
Tom Mancuso, Senior Technology Operations Manager
James Rigger, Conformance Testing Program Manager
Marilyn Fausset, Senior Technical Writer (Contractor)

SNIA At-a-Glance
SNIA -Aligned with the Storage Industry’ s Hottest Trends for 2015
Widespread use of Flash in storage systems
Performance characterization for flash components and for all-flash arrays
Vibrant Solid State Storage community, including Special Interest Groups, focused on technology promotion, market development, and end-user education
Persistent Memory on the horizon
Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) programming model in development
The NVM Programming Model influenced another Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application at FMS ‘ 15.
Storage Security
SNIA Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Storage specification
New international standard (ISO/IEC 27040) on Storage Security
Conformance test program for OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol
Enabling Multiple-Cloud Environments for IT
Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) now an ISO standard
SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative education materials on best practices
SNIA’ s Contribution to the Hot Storage Industry Topics for 2015 (continued)
Software Defined Storage in the Software Defined Data Center
A new framework for IT infrastructure management and orchestration
Collaboration with Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)
Software Defined Storage taxonomy, definition and use cases and tutorials
Cold Storage
New initiative, started in SNIA Japan, to define, promote and educate on the topic of reliable, affordable storage solutions for rarely accessed data
Tape Integration in Archival and Cloud Environments
Linear Tape File System Format Spec enables integration of tape-based assets
Linear Tape File System Bulk Transfer to and from cloud environments
Object Storage
New Object Drive Technical Work Group
Cloud Storage Initiative education materials on object storage repositories
Highlight Activities October 2014 -September 2015
Storage Management Initiative (SMI) continues to drive storage management. SMI-S is now incorporated into over 1,000 Storage Products. SMI-S v1.5 has been ratified as international standard ISO/IEC 24775. SMI is working on SMI-S 1.6.1, 1.7 and beyond; SMI-Lab, CTP continues on-going efforts to promote industry adoption of SMI-S.
Green Storage Initiative (GSI), responsible for the SNIA Emerald taxonomy, specification, and verified tester program, continues to represent the industry for the EPA Energy Star Enterprise Data Storage program.
CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface) version 1.0.2 was designated an ISO standard. CDMI 1.1 released in September 2014 is backward compatible with V1.0.2 and includes support for other popular industry cloud offerings such as OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3.
The Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) refocused its charter and an agreement has been signed with Tata Consultancy Services providing a CDMI Conformance Testing program.
Ethernet Storage Forum (ESF) continued its highly successful Webcast series, drawing on the broader range of topics encompassed by its expanded charter.
Highlight Activities October, 2014 -September, 2015

Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) continues to have an active agenda through its SIGs and TWGs, including the new NVDIMM SIG, Solid State Storage System (S4) TWG, and the Data Recovery/Erase SIG.
SNIA’ s Security TWG continued its important work in support of ISO IEC 27040, and worked closely with the SMI and CDMI TWGs to enable their use of the TLS specification.
Storage Security Industry Forum (SSIF) program for KMIP (an OASIS technical specification) Conformance Testing at SNIA Colorado Springs Technology Center is active with companies such as HP having completed product testing.
Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Committee (DPCO) released a 2015 edition of their DPCO Product Selection Guide
The Analytics and Big Data Committee (ABDC) continued with its outreach
Linear Tape File Systems (LTFS) TWG is making good progress
Long term Retention (LTR) TWG continues with SIRF

Highlight Activities October 2014 -September 2015
SNIA Certification e-Courses remain available online or through iPad or Android apps. SNIA and CompTIA announced the ending (in January of 2016) of its relationship and availability of Storage+ credential. SNIA completing a refreshed Storage Foundations (110) examination and credential for early 2016.
SNIA Tutorials continue to be popular at industry events with many being video-recorded and available on Website repository and SNIA BrightTALK channel.
SNIA 2015 Dictionary continues as industry resource and popular event hand-out. SNIA Japan also published local language version.
SNIA’ s Marketing Steering Committee maintains messaging program to better communicate SNIA’ s technical agenda and value proposition.
SNIA’ s Global Steering Committee continues to support regional affiliates with best practices, networking opportunities, improved information flow and biannual F2F meeting opportunities (at DSI and Cloud Expo Europe – Frankfurt).

Highlight Activities October, 2014 -September, 2015
New taskforces launched on Software Defined Storage, Open Source and Cold Storage

SNIA’ s Events Program
Annual Members’ Symposium featured Member Recognition Programs (January)
Inaugural SDC India ò15 (May) met attendance (175) goals and will be repeated in 2016
Second Non-Volatile Memory Summit took place during the Annual Members’ Symposium with over 150 attendees -many analysts and media (January)
Inaugural Data Storage Innovation (DSI) Conference (April) produced by SNIA met key metrics and was attended by nearly 400 – many seeking an alternative to SNW.
Successful 18th Annual Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara and exceeded its attendance (460) goals and includes successful SMB3 and Cloud Interoperability Plugfests (September)
Inaugural Data Storage Security Summit co-located with SDC and drew 165 attendees

SNIA Experts Participated in a Host of Industry Events
Cloud Expo Europe ò14; Storage Visions; USENIX FAST; Dell User Forum; IBM Edge; Flash Memory Summit; OSCON, and Intel Developer Forum

Highlight Activities October, 2014 -September, 2015

SNIA Continues to Manage its Finances Carefully and remains well-positioned for the future

SNIA Fiscal Report: 2014
2014 through 2015 were years of continued financial prudence and performance after near break-even financial result 2010 through 2013 and extraordinary expenses (repayable to our Reserve) for the build-out and move to the new Colorado Springs facility. 2015 projects to another near break-even budget performance.
Despite ongoing industry mergers and acquisitions, SNIA has been able to maintain a steady stream of membership revenue based on renewals from our loyal base of members, new/replacement members and added Forum and Initiative activity.
2015 has been a strong year that has us well positioned for the future. We broadened our technical agenda and established support programs such as the Technology Center and three Conformance Testing Programs (SMI, KMIP, and CDMI)
In 2015 we invested in a focused messaging function to improve our ability to communicate our value to the industry, and delivered new as well as proven programs in our events agenda
We are well-positioned for success in 2016 -we continue to have the momentum, funding and expertise to maintain the organization’ s relevance in a fast-changing and demanding industry

We could not do the work of the SNIA without our passionate and dedicated volunteers, you are consistently our greatest asset

Feedback on how we can improve is always welcomed

The support and loyalty of all SNIA Members, Volunteers your Companies and our SNIA Staff and Contractors is deeply appreciated


Your Feedback is also welcomed.
We look forward to your participation in SNIA in the upcoming year.

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