Microsoft Certified Professionals especially those having MCSE certification still command high salaries in the job market.  The demand for MCSE professionals is still at an all time high and it would be better for IT specialists, especially systems engineers and administrators, to secure a certification from Microsoft in order to get a lucrative MCSE job.

An MCSE credentials will certainly enhance the qualification of any IT professional.  The MCSE certification provides documentary proof that its holder is a competent systems engineer and can implement information technology business solutions.  It also validates the experiences of IT specialists in modeling server infrastructure, deploying networking solutions, and maintaining operational control of corporate IT environments based on the Windows 2000 platform and other Microsoft products.

Having an MCSE certification could be an assurance for a high paying and secure job in the IT industry.  Although it should be noted that companies normally consider lots of other qualifications and experiences of an applicant. It doesnt mean that the MCSE certification is a sure ticket to the corporate IT world.  The MCSE credential can only give IT professionals a definite edge over others who do not have certifications from Microsoft.  Next to MCSE certifications, the most important thing for systems engineers and administrators is hands-on experience on different IT environments.  Having the ability to engineer existing networks or re-engineer corporate IT architectures is a very important skills qualification of any systems engineer.  In a way, the MCSE certification could only enhance the career of any IT professional and it could help them land a good job in the IT industry.

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