There is a lucrative career awaiting Six Sigma practitioners holding Black Belts.  Because Six Sigma has become the most popular process management methodology in the world, management experts, especially those with Six Sigma Black Belts or higher, are the most in demand in the job market.  Companies across the globe offer 5 digits salaries to managers certified as Six Sigma Black Belts.  And expect that the five-digit income will not be lower than the $50,000 mark.  That is why more and more managers are doing their best to get Six Sigma training and get a Black Belt certification.

Master Black Belts and Champion Six Sigma practitioners normally receive higher salary levels.  Their experience and training can be expected to be more superior to the Black Belts.  However, most Champions and Master Black Belts are into consulting services and they have set out on their own as top experts in the field of process management. 

Six Sigma Black Belts can find lucrative employment in industries such as business services, pharmaceuticals, insurance corporations, and engineering services.  The average pay given by these companies to Six Sigma Black Belt holders is higher than in other industries.  Six Sigma professionals can boost their careers and consequently their lifestyles if they strive to get an accreditation as a Black Belt Six Sigma practitioner.   The process of accreditation is not easy and it would require significant investment in time, effort and money.  However, these professional development investments can reap financial windfall after landing a lucrative job as a Six Sigma Black Belt professional.

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