AdWords is an ad selling system ran by Google and is a form of pay-per-click advertising.  It is a system where people pay money to place their advertisements on Google and/or any individual website.  A higher click does not necessarily mean sales for a company.  Some customers click for curiosity without the intention of buying.  In this case, advertisers pay Google without getting any sales at all.  If the keywords you choose to put on your AdWords are general and not specific, it is most likely that you pay more to Google and in a matter of hours you have reached the maximum cost of your advertisement for the day.  Google stops advertising your website once you have reached the maximum.  

A book titled Beating AdWords is the most up-to-date book on how to make money online. It includes techniques and strategies that will help advertisers promote their product or service, under any keywords at lower costs. Beating AdWords also includes online marketing tactics that help marketers generate huge profits.  

The book is for everyone, even those without experience in Internet marketing.  It reveals the secrets of Google AdWords and how it works. The Beating AdWords book provides a step-by-step procedure on how to make money online.  It provides the step on how to set up an AdWords account and place your campaigns on autopilot and watch the money roll in.  With Beating AdWords, advertisers pay less than competitor’s pays for higher rankings.  There is increase in advertiser’s return on investment as there is more money put in as a result of more sales. Beating AdWords is the book you need to succeed and earn rewards for your investment.

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