Making Change Happen Taking Action on Climate Change
Betty Carteret
Skagit County Climate Stewards
Class of 2008
The Climate Change Challenge
Unlike anything we’ ve faced before and we’ re ill-equipped to respond
Our collective memory responds to threats that are immediate, visible, physical
Fails to trip the brain’ s alarm like a cave man with the club or terrorist with a bomb
It’ s hard to put a clear face on the enemy
It’ s global, complex, and has future consequences that are hard to internalize
Geologic timeframe vs. lifespan timeframe; it’ s not close enough at hand to seem urgent
What can Climate Stewards do?
Learn more – you now know more than the average citizen about global warming -so, put your newly acquired expertise to work
Take action -set an example at home, in your community, and urge your communities and elected representatives to take action on climate change
Get involved -you’ ve taken the first step in becoming a Climate Steward volunteer; now join with your fellow volunteers and other like-minded individuals/groups to make meaningful change happen in your community

Tools for making change happen
Social Marketing: the systematic application of marketing concepts and techniques to achieve specific behavioral goals, to achieve a social or public good
Audience/Stakeholder Analysis: take the time to know your audience; tailor an effective user-centered message that targets their values
Project Planning: remember that failure to plan is planning to fail – make a plan
Social Marketing
Social Marketing Climate Change
Know your audience
New information on climate change communications can help you understand your audience better
Yale and George Mason Universities report

Everett Rogers studied the dissemination of information throughout cultures for 50 years .
What he learned can help us promote action on climate change ..

It’ s OK to sing to the Choir!
16% Innovators and Early Adopters -high tolerance for change; the choir will readily get behind your idea and help you draw in others -engage them to help first
34% Early Majority -will get onboard in the early stages and get the movement started -often follow the lead of the choir
34% Late Majority -will get onboard when they see the groundswell of action by the first 50% -want to keep up with the Joneses
16% Laggards -their minds made up and they’ re unlikely to make changes no matter how much time you spend trying to convince them -don’ t waste your time – focus on the 84% majority

Planning Tips for Effective Climate Stewards Projects
It’ s all in the planning .
The outcome of your project will only be as effective as the planning you put in up front
Write a clear scope statement including goals and outcomes you want to achieve
Determine a plan of action including resources (human, financial, materials), risks, and schedule
Develop your social marketing strategy
Analyze your target audience; tailor message
Recruit volunteers and put plan into action
Evaluate the results and share lessons learned

Recruiting Volunteers Tips from the Girl Scouts
Don’ t go it alone -pull in the choir
Don’ t confuse recruitment with publicity -putting out mass emails or a poster is not a real invitation
Be clear about what you want people to do -give your best description of what, why, where and how
Be honest about the commitment your asking for
Describe the support and resources available
Identify positives the volunteer will get in exchange
Explain why you are recruiting them specifically
Never recruit anyone by asking them for a favor
The best way to recruit is just to ask -most people will be quick to say Yes

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