?Making the Multidisciplinary Team Approach Work
Robert Giles
Senior Attorney
National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse
??It can happen anywhere
An opportunity for professionals to collaborate and conduct joint interviews, which minimize the number of times the details of a case needs to be retold by a child.
?Multidisciplinary Teams

An effective Multi-disciplinary Team is dependent on a shared understanding of its goals and mission but also on shared knowledge of the general practices and procedures the team will follow in its efforts to investigate and prosecute child abuse cases as well as provide vital intervention services to child abuse victims and their families.
?Multidisciplinary Teams Benefits
• The use of a skilled forensic interviewer.
• Promote proper and expedient collection of evidence.
• •
Elimination of • duplicative efforts.
Comprehensive information sharing.
To reduces secondary trauma to the victim and family, associated with the investigative process
?Services for Professionals Through MDT/CAC
• Coordination of team members for joint interviews and multidisciplinary team review meetings.

• Trained Forensic Interviewers.
Expertise in the area of forensic interviewing, child sexual abuse and child victimization on the Internet.
• one way mirrors.
Specially designed interview rooms with
?Multidisciplinary Teams

Historically, child abuse cases have been investigated by law enforcement and child protective service workers and often with each professional conducting separate investigations. Today, many jurisdictions have the availability of utilizing a multidisciplinary team to investigate these cases in a comprehensive manner. There are many benefits to a team approach.
?Multidisciplinary Teams
• The use of a skilled forensic interviewer.
• Promote proper and expedient collection of evidence.
• •
Eliminate duplication of • efforts.
Comprehensive information sharing.
To reduce secondary trauma to the victim, associated with the investigative process.
?Members of the Team
The multidisciplinary team should be composed of professionals that are a part of the investigation and responsible for the child’s
?Members of the Team
• Law enforcement

• • •

State Licensing Professionals
Friend of the Court Counselor

Child Protective Service • Worker
Forensic Interviewer Prosecutor
Mental Health Professionals
• Guardian ad Litem/Child
Court Advocate Foster Care

Medical Professionals
• • •
?Confidentiality Self-analysis Conflict resolution
• • • • •
?????Who What When Where How

• •

• •
“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.
??????Greater volume of cases.
Need for more communication.
???????????????????????Has quality of the cases changed.
??New members.
Need for review is constant.
• • • • •
1. Dealing with conflict 2. Promoting team work 3. Preventing burnout
4. Peer review
5. Funding
??MDTs Under Attack

?• •
Staff reductions Staff redeployments
Economic woes impacting states, counties, police departments, prosecutors, non- government agencies
Cases are not going
In 2007, it was estimated that child abuse and neglect cost the United States approximately $103,800,000,000.00.
– Prosecution – Investigation – Incarceration – Child welfare
Wang CT, Holton J,Total Estimated Cost of Child Abuse and Neglect in the Untied States, Prevent Child Abuse America, Economic Impact Study, at 2 (September 2007)
?Cases are not going away

May cities have seen a dramatic increase in the number of child abuse case since this recession began
– Phoenix – Boston – Seattle
– Las Vegas – Chicago
– Beaufort, South Carolina
??How to Protect and StrengthenYour MDT
?•Fund raising • Grants
• Forfeiture
?Cost Benefit of Using a MDT/CAC

Shadoin Amy, Demographic and Attitudinal Characteristics Predicting Taxpayer Willingness to Pay for Child Maltreatment Prevention (December 2007)
Average cost of a non-CAC/MDT investigation: $3,949
Average cost of a CAC/MDT investigation is $2,902
36% lower cost for investigation
CAC/MDT communities have a higher return of investment in community services
??CACs in Delaware

Sue Poley: Forensic Interviewer/ Center Coordinator
A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children
1600 Rockland Road Wilmington, DE 1980 Phone: 302-651-4566
??CACs in Delaware

611 S. DuPont Highway Suite 201
Dover, DE 19901 Phone: 302-741-2123
Diane Klecan: Forensic Interviewer/Center Coordinator
??CACs in Delaware

Ralph “Buster” Richardson: Forensic Interviewer/Center Coordinator
Children and Families First Building
410 S. Bedford Street Georgetown, DE 19947 Phone: 302-854-0323
??CACs in Delaware


DuPont Hospital for Children
Kent County CAC
Sussex County CAC
Delaware has the existing legislative framework and case law to use forfeiture to support the specialized investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases

If the paper, articles or things were allegedly used in the commission of a crime, they shall be returned to the person from whom seized if such person is no thereafter duly convicted of the alleged crime; but if such person is duly convicted of the alleged crime, the papers, articles and things shall be disposed of as the court directs
11 Del. C. § 2311a(3)
?Forfeiture Cases

In Re 1976 Rolls Royce,Vin #DRE25612,

2001 Del. Super. LEXIS 307 (2001)
• • •
Delaware v. Rossitto, 331 A.2d 385 (1974) Crawford v Delaware, 859 A.2d. 624 (2004)
Delaware v. Caulfield, Jr., 2001 Del. Super. LEXIS 63

Preponderance of the Evidence
One year statute of limitations; from the date of sentencing
Criminal conviction required pursuant to common law
Defendant entitled to jury trial; same jury that heard criminal conviction
?• Cars
• Computers
• Cell phones
• Blackberrys/smart devices
• • • •
Houses • Cash • Weapons •
Digital • CameraTelevision/
IPODS/IPHONES Items used to groom Businesses
Digital Video Recorder
Thank You
“[C]hildren present us with a uniquely compelling motivation for mobilization. Our collective failure to protect children must be transformed into an opportunity to confront the problems that cause their suffering.”
Grac?a Machel
Thank you to Laura Rogers, Sgt Mary Devine and Kelly Giles for assistance in creating this presentation

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