The Google Earth Enterprise is an Internet tool that provides help to people such as organizations, companies, universities, hospitals, and even government institutions in terms of capturing imageries of any geospatial information type. The Google Earth Enterprise allows its users to capture this image in either 2D or 3D format.  Essentially, the Google Earth Enterprise and its ability to capture image can help a person or an organization to facilitate faster decision making, share information, and collaborate information to make people well informed.

There have been a lot of questions raised about putting Google Earth Enterprise a place in any organization.  Seemingly, even when it is a common fact that Google Earth Enterprise can really make things a lot easier for the organization, company leaders are taken aback about making the Google Earth Enterprise part of the organizational system.  

So, when do we know if Google Earth Enterprise fits right to an organization?  Below are some of the considerations to take that can help you decide whether or not you are making the right decision about Google Earth Enterprise:

•    When your organization possesses big amount of geospatial information then the use of the Google Earth Enterprise is intelligently needed.
•    When you are in search of a more secure and tightly guarded system or mechanism that you want to positioned behind any firewall systems, then it is most appropriate to have the Google Earth Enterprise.
•    When your organization has a Geospatial I.S area, then having the Google Earth Enterprise can help you achieve the right amount of information that you want.

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