Information Technology (IT) Manager – Infrastructure Team
The Information Technology (IT) Manager is an integral member of the Infrastructure, Application Support, and Security (IAS) Section of the IT Division and is responsible for ensuring the quality support of enterprise systems through day-to-day management of the Customer Support Services team. Working closely with the IT Director IAS, s/he helps to develop best practices, processes, and policies to ensure alignment with Department strategy and goals. The position is responsible for the supervision of team members to ensure efficient operation of a highly effective customer service framework.
The IT Manager is accountable for the day-to-day operations of the Help Desk, Security Administration, and Asset Management groups. This position requires the direct and indirect supervision, coaching, and guidance of a team of help desk specialists, security access administrators, and asset managers.
? Manage and coordinate day-to-day support activities of the Department’s IT Service Desk team.
? Develop and mature IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and tools to ensure proper handling and
remediation Help Desk incidents and requests to ensure fulfillment within specified Service Level Agreement
(SLA) standards.
? Ensure proper maintenance and administration of ITSM platform and all aspects including forms, workflows,
categories, etc.
? Ensure proper solutions and knowledge management best practices are followed and integrate Information
Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes to continually refine and improve Help Desk performance.
? Manage Help Desk operations and availability during core business hours.
? Train, coach, and mentor Help Desk Specialists (Level 1 / 2)
? Establish key metrics and develop/provide effective reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends
to IT and customers.
? Conduct deep analysis into metrics and processes to develop strategies for enhancement and improvement of
Help Desk and support services.
? Ensure proper handling of major incidents and conduct post incident meetings for all Priority 1 & 2 incidents.
? Record and track all IT Service Disruptions/Unplanned Outages of Department’s applications and services. This
process includes follow-up with customers and root-cause analysis and tracking.
? Provide input into the design and development of a scalable Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that meets client requirements, adheres to IT policies, and complies with Department information security requirements and industry best practice.
? Manage service delivery of identity onboarding/offboarding, and access request, provisioning, reauthorization, and revocation.
? Determine client requirements and develop solutions that integrate with the current IAM solution including provisioning, de-provisioning, and integration of third party/custom built applications for authentication using the current IAM solution.
? Participate in Department projects, in coordination with project/development teams and business owners regarding the integration of their applications into the IAM platform.
? Recommend and participate in development, testing, implementation, and support of all enhancements to the systems, services, and technologies used by the IAM platform.
? Perform daily health checks of IAM platform to ensure service is operating at optimum levels. Generate weekly and monthly reports to measure the IAM service against key performance indicators.
?? Knowledge of IT Asset Management commonly used concepts, best practices (ITIL-SAM), and procedures.
? Track and maintain copies of software licenses, warranties, maintenance agreements, and vendor contracts.
? Maintain asset management system with asset data, licenses, warranties, and service agreements for the
organization’s hardware and software.
Bachelor’s Degree MIS, Computer Science or Technology, or five to seven years operations-related management experience as an infrastructure lead with advanced knowledge and understanding of customer support services. Three to five years leadership experience in dynamic / complex environment. Five to seven years experience with help/service desk, identity and access management, execution, and operations roles. Experience with ITIL structures including best practices.
Master’s Degree or another advanced degree, ITIL certification, and experience in public sector are a plus.
This position requires the following.
? Ability to build trust, collaboration, and teamwork in difficult situations across all Departmental
? Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
? Ability to influence and direct team members across various functions, at all levels to accomplish the
Department’s goals and objectives.
? Ability to maintain professional composure in all situations.
? Ability to manage people in a dynamic environment.
? Ability to quickly and easily adapt to changing priorities.
? Knowledge of project management methodologies.
? Advanced understanding of software development lifecycle methodology.
? Aptitude for leadership with demonstrated creativity, flexibility, initiative, and problem solving.
? Demonstrated high standards of ethical conduct and behaviors consistent with Departmental and
government standards.
? Excellent analytical and creative problem-solving skills.
? Excellent customer service skills; able to work in a team-oriented environment, manage competing
demands, resolve conflict(s), change approach or method to best fit the situation.
? Excellent facilitation skills. Able to develop relevant meeting agendas in support of addressing clear
business objectives. Capable of asking questions to generate meaningful discussion and clarify outcomes,
while keeping team members and meeting schedules on track.
? Excellent interpersonal skills with proven ability to communicate technical ideas to non-technical people.
? Excellent interpersonal skills; able to approach others in a professional tactful manner, react well under
pressure, accept responsibility for own actions and follow through on commitments.
? Excellent leadership skills, with the ability to exhibit confidence in self and others; accept feedback, and
give appropriate recognition.
? Excellent organizational and planning skills.
? Excellent time management skills and organization skills; able to deal with frequent change, delays, or
unexpected events.
? Excellent verbal and written communication skills; able to interpret and exchange complex technical or
professional information and build consensus.
? Outstanding communication skills. Able to articulate, verbally and in writing, ideas, concepts, thoughts
and perspectives in a clear and concise fashion to a variety of audiences, at various levels throughout the
? Proponent for change, while applying best practices in organizational change management.
? Proven track record in preparing and effectively delivering presentations and training sessions.
? Strong interpersonal, communication, analytical, negotiation, planning, and presentation skills.
? Strong leadership skills, with a focus on applying a coaching and mentoring approach to managing staff, as
well as a strong customer service orientation.
The State of TN is an Equal Opportunity Employer 1256&ViewOnly=Yes

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