?????????????????????????????????????Latitude Warehouse
Management System WMS forRetail & Wholesale Distributors.
????????Benefits of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) vary depending on the current
situation, the key advantages are as follows:
• Increase overall inventory accuracy
• Strengthen order fulfillment precision
• Boost labor efficiency
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Reduce labor costs
• Track and quantify employee performance
Latitude Receiving ensures accurate inbound shipments.
• Receives multiple purchase orders at once • Learns new bar codes as items are received • Utilizes supplier barcodes on received
material, with no relabeling necessary • Prompts barcode labeling of
non-barcoded material
• Validates expected receipts
automatically through scanning • Tracks lot numbers and date
codes of received material
• Notifies user if received items absent from purchase order
• Flags back-ordered items to cross-dock based on order date or manual allocation
• Emails alerts Purchasing when discrepant orders are received.
• Converts Units of Measure to reflect warehouse convention
• Received fractional quantities (optional) • Records in-bound freight charges
and bill of lading number
• Unreceives line items to correct any user errors
_Gain Inventory Control
Latitude Putaway assures that inventory is stocked in the most appropriate location.
• Stores items in multiple bin locations: primary, secondary, showroom, or overstock
• Expedites picking and shipping via Velocity Class assignments
?Flexible to work with a host of RF terminal and printer brands
????????• Guides users through the most efficient warehouse route via Directed Putaway
• Prompts ensure items are assigned to the correct bin location
• Offers maximum flexibility with Manual Putaway options
Latitude’s systematic approach to picking dramatically reduces errors and improves labor efficiency.
• Manages picking priorities including “will call”
• Guides users through the most efficient pick paths
• Enforces accuracy scanning bar codes
• Allows multiple pickers to pick portions
of the same order for rapid turnaround
• Permits picking of over/under quantity
(with specified permissions)
• Offers paperless order picking by
route, by zone, or in batches
• Records serial numbers, FIFO, and lot
information captured during pick
• Picks production orders/ kits/ assemblies
Latitude’s RF based Cycle Counting maintains inventory accuracy exceeding 99%.
• Verifies item quantities and bin locations • Creates cycle counting jobs based on
fast moving items, bins, or vendors
• Provides inventory exception reports
• Locates missing or misplaced items
• Provides graphs, statistics and reports based on
percent accuracy of historical cycle count jobs
• Allows multiple part numbers in any bin location
_Improve Customer Satisfaction
?“We chose Latitude because it’s a very robust and flexible program that also supported
our long-term roadmap which included implementation of carousels and other automated systems.’
Roy Bragg, VP of Operations E.B. Horsman & Son Surrey, BC
Latitude Cycle Count Planning enables the user to create schedules to systematically verify that all item quantities are accounted for.
• Create multiple cycle count plans based on ABC class, value, movement and other criteria
• Suggests customizable daily cycle count activities based on workload, work
days remaining in plan period
• Measures progression toward completion of each plan
• Provides end of period/year reporting
Latitude Returns maintains accurate physical control of both customer and vendor returns.
• Enables users to select item processing sequence
• Allows Unreceiving of returned line item quantity prior to posting
Latitude Warehouse Performance Metrics arms you with the reporting tools you need to boost employee productivity, streamline order shipments, and improve customer service.
• Captures all warehouse activity
• Measures employee performance
against specified standards
• Delivers over 500 customized
reports in real-time
• Chart employee to employee performance
Latitude Shipping includes a broad portfolio of capabilities that are configured to fit
each client’s specific business practices.
• Optional shipping validation offers additional layer of quality assurance
• Provides manifesting capability
for common carriers
• Manages routes and stops to
assure correct staging
• Prints shipping labels and packing lists,
including truck route/stop, and bills of lading
Latitude Manifest is a full featured solution that eliminates costly 3rd party software. Supported carriers include: UPS, FedEx, LTL, common carrier, and USPS – Mail Manifesting.
The Latitude Shipping Manager manages the manifesting process for common carrier shipments and produces the associated labels and paperwork.
Gain visibility into warehouse activities such as picking, receiving, shipping, and manifesting
_Improve Employee Performance
?Latitude Replenishment streamlines the process
of restocking the picking bins from overstock locations, maintaining specified levels of inventory.
???????_Reduce Labor Costs
• System directed replenishment of primary, secondary, and front counter bin locations.
• Automatically directs user to fill an active picking area from a bulk storage area
• Generates a Replenish List based on current order demand
• Scanning bin labels ensures inventory is relocated accurately
• “First-In-First-Out” (FIFO) control (optional)
Latitude Customer Item Labels allow you to create unique, customer-specific labels, eliminating
the need for separate labeling systems.
• Barcodes, text, and graphics (logos) • Item, carton, and pallet labeling
• Print before, during, or after picking
Latitude Front Counter Orders provides instant inventory updates at the point of sale, guaranteeing inventory accuracy.
• Item scanning at the point of sale
• Real-time control of show room inventory • Build customer orders on demand
• Ability to assign Front Counter
bin via scanner
Latitude automates the management of consigned inventory using a Palm-like batch terminal. For each customer item Latitude will maintain a minimum and maximum inventory level, and replenish volumes accordingly. This is a great tool to help distributors manage their consigned inventory.
Customize shipping labels to include contents, ship-as logos, and more
Vendor Managed Inventory
Vendor Managed Inventory allows users to manage inventory replenishment levels of your customers.
• Offer inventory notifications via email
• A single scan flags an item for replenishment
???????_Boost Warehouse Efficiencies
Tool Crib Management manages a tool crib located on a customer’s premises. Using a secure internet connection, the tool crib is supported and managed on the Latitude servers.
• One step receiving
• User-directed cycle counting • Single zone directed picking • Item and bin labeling
• Customer reporting by
department and employee
Material handling equipment of all kinds
can be fully integrated with Latitude WMS. The two most common types implemented by mid-sized distributors are carousels
and conveyors. The carousel system can be configured to assure picking accuracy or to maximize productivity. Both methods can dramatically increase average picks-per-hour.
• ERP interface for Activant, Oracle/ JDE, Microsoft, SAP and others
• Multiple branch support
• Web browser–based management
Latitude Warehouse Management System provides a rich toolset of functionality that is tailored
to fit the requirements of complex retail and industrial distribution businesses. Implementation by PathGuide’s WMS professionals begins with full installation support followed by hands-
on training and documentation. PathGuide’s ongoing customer support is unsurpassed.
?“The PathGuide team has been absolutely wonderful to work with, and made the WMS installation at Jensen as painless as possible. Selecting PathGuide was one of the best decisions our company has ever made!”
Doug Miller, President Jensen Distribution Services Spokane, WA
Latitude WMS provides deep warehouse functionality, yet is flexible to accommodate your unique business practices while ensuring that basic and advanced
tasks are performed efficiently and accurately,
giving your company the competitive advantage.
For more detailed information on PathGuide’s Latitude WMS offering, please call 1.888.627.9797
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