Managing project with Prince2 methodologies is a modern approach that can ensure effective and efficient implementation. It could also be the key factor for successful project deliveries. 

Prince2 is a project management method developed by the Office of Government Commerce of United Kingdom.   Although originally designed to standardize different project implementations of the UK government, the system has been successfully used in commercial projects.  Because of this, the Prince2 protocols have become popular throughout the world and are being used widely for public and privately initiated projects.

The popularity of Prince2 primarily rests on the system’s capability to adapt to different scenarios.  The customization inherent in the Prince2 system has enabled project managers to implement a high degree of flexibility in ensuring smooth flow of project stages.  The Prince2 method will allow companies and organization to design and organize projects according to their specifications.  Specific controls and management of resources can be put in place to reinforce critical points of the project.

These characteristics will enable project managers to successfully deliver appropriate products on time with minimum losses in resources and efforts.  This is due to the fact that the Prince2 method has mechanisms for installing efficient project structures and effectively interconnects it through tighter control, supervision, and communication.

The Prince2 project management method has come a long way.  Beginning as a process to standardize government project implementation, it has evolved into a comprehensive approach to standardize any types of projects.  Today, the Prince2 method is responsible for the success of some high impact projects throughout the globe.

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