There has been much debate as to exactly how many processes exist within Version 3 of ITIL®®. Questions asked include:

  • What exactly constitutes a process?
  • Shouldn’t some processes be defined as functions?
  • Why has x process been left out?

In developing this material, we have based our definitions of processes and functions and where they fit on the guidance provided by the ITIL®® Foundation syllabus by EXIN International. Figure 3.B demonstrates the processes and functions of ITIL®® in relation to the 5 Service Lifecycle Phases. It also demonstrates the increased scope now covered by ITIL®® Version 3.


  • The Service Lifecycle phases (and ITIL®® books) are shown through the arrows at the bottom
  • The concepts in light shading are the ITIL®® V3 processes covered within the program
  • The concepts in dark shading are Functions
  • Processes that are not covered by the current ITIL® V3 Foundation syllabus (currently 4.2),  will be referenced where necessary for understanding.
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