Oversee and lead services and solutions market launch strategy and planning; develop tiered launch model, negotiate timelines and budgets; ensure launches are integrated with campaigns and other go to market activities.

More Uses of the Marketing Automation Toolkit:

  • Orchestrate: present ideas and final deliverables to internal and external teams, and communicate with senior leaders about marketing programs, strategies, and budgets.
  • Collaborate with operations, client service, product and sales teams to ensure that concepts are developed in to functional, market ready products that are successfully launched.
  • Create marketing copy for events and emails and utilize Marketing Automation System to execute and monitor event promotions.
  • Identify: work cross functionally to help manage your email marketing projects with multiple internal/external stakeholders to execute marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure you build and constantly improve your organizations integrated marketing strategy, test plans, and overall program development while creating new flows, and nurture campaigns for prospects and customers.
  • Manage content and updates for customer and internal touch points, establishing project management plans, documenting business processes, and providing additional sales support.
  • Orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal to get things done; uses resources effectively and efficiently; organizes information in a useful manner.
  • Pilot: partner with client success managers and develop customer insight applications to capture key market feedback relevant to key solutions.
  • Generate new sales qualified leads via targeted web searches in online databases, existing resources and target/prospect research.
  • Guide: monitor competitive intelligence and organize into actionable insights for commercial and product teams, highlighting key differentiators.
  • Be accountable for Marketing Automation expertise in executing implementation and integration of salesforce marketing cloud with database systems to effectively track engagement with Marketing Automation campaigns.
  • Pilot: work to enhance and optimize the lead management process and automation, ensuring timely distribution of leads to sales team, and ensure correct database segmentation.
  • Maintain a research database of competitors by identifying and evaluating characteristics, market share, pricing, and advertising.
  • Ensure you build a team of solutions and services marketers; provide direction and coaching to support personal and professional development.
  • Generate tracking, analysis, and reports to illustrate the efficacy of campaigns using Google Analytics, supplemented with other sources and analysis as appropriate.
  • Make sure that your organization adheres to the highest moral, ethical and legal standards to deliver an environment that promotes respect, innovation and creativity.
  • Establish that your organization focus on Marketing Automation and personalization, user segmentation for targeting and using dynamic/triggered messaging to create a relevant dialogue with subscribers.
  • Confirm your organization supports and promotes a positive, inclusive workplace one in which the talents and strengths of your increasingly diverse workforce are welcomed, further developed and manifested in your work.
  • Assure your organization coordinates with the Marketing Automation and Email team to support email execution, from briefing to project management and final deployment.
  • Gather customer and market insights to inform outreach strategies, increase customer conversions, and generate more qualified leads.
  • Identify: leverage Marketing Automation (hubspot) to build emails and develop transactional, promotional, and informational content strategies that maximize customer conversion and retention and deliver against business goals.
  • Maintain and document technical processes and Marketing Automation procedures and provide seamless hand off to business users to utilize.
  • Perform risk analysis, develop contingency plans, and gather data from teams to proactively raise prioritization, scheduling tradeoff decisions and critical issues with key stakeholders.
  • Be the go to resource for the technical implementation of a complex email program with lifecycle campaigns, batched adhoc sends, and personalized nurture tracks.


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