Because web 2.0 is very in demand right now, one can probably assume that very little detail is given to those who are not yet in the know – especially when it comes to web mash up The Internet and also the many associated web pages are also consistently and busily evolving all the time, and this actually causes the entire web mash up There is also the term called Rich Internet Application, which also refers to the application and the web page which can provide the user with a better experience in terms of resembling the many applications that run on their computer.

A little tidbit? Rich Internet Application is also but a single aspect that is part of the evolution that web 2.0 is undergoing. A mash up, by way of definition is actually a somewhat quick way of explaining a particular web page or site that can bring the information coming from multiple sources together. It does so in a highly unique way that can give a lot of value to the web user himself. There are lots of examples of mash ups, and the best one would probably be the kind that actually display pertinent activity-related information on the whole map.

Many thanks to programs such as Microsoft Maps and even Google Maps, it is now quite easy to actually display the locater pins to set the different locations with information that is interesting as well. With web mash up, you can definitely have a better way of putting information together – information that you can easily access whenever and wherever you need it the most.

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