Participate in the selection, qualification, testing, and failure analysis of materials and processes, prepare technical and progress reports on assigned tasks, prepare specifications, evaluate suppliers and analyze test reports.

More Uses of the Materials Science Toolkit:

  • Warrant that your team complies;
  • Ensure you arrange; lead with expertise in transitioning, maturation, and implementation of laboratory based technologies into products.
  • Become the expert in technical leadership or process/ equipment qualification and development methodologies.
  • Ensure you win; lead technology development and Materials Science group and work closely with supply chain and process engineers working on developing process equipment and automation technology with process development.
  • Determine ways to strengthen or combine materials or develop new materials with new or specific properties for use in a variety of products and applications.
  • Perform materials analysis on a wide range of sample types utilizing multiple techniques and instrumentation.
  • Ensure you transform; lead experimentation, development, prototyping, and testing of new materials, new products, and new applications.
  • Manage work with reliability engineering and testing to recreate failure modes that are intermittent or hard to replicate.
  • Organize: interface internally with design engineers, reliability engineers, and quality engineers in support of risk mitigation and product development review efforts.
  • Drive root cause understanding to improve yield, extend asset life, reduce costs, improve product attributes and enable new products.
  • Be accountable for analyzing the root cause of a wide variety of failures related to issues arising in development, manufacturing and use of engineered systems.
  • Devise: plan laboratory experiments to confirm feasibility of processes and techniques used in the production of materials with special characteristics.
  • Coordinate with other disciplines as Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Engineering, and Procurement.
  • Analyze operations variances consulting with appropriate team members to validate and make appropriate changes.
  • Be cross trained on all fabrication, processing, manufacturing, material analysis, and device testing instruments.
  • Manage: review screening and test data received from manufacturers and test laboratories for compliance to specifications, purchase order requirements, and program contract compliance.
  • Be accountable for inspecting, analyzing,and testing to address the specification, reliability and safety of energy storage systems in a variety of applications from consumer products to grid storage.
  • Acquire, analyze, and interpret moderately complex data; operate laboratory equipment; assemble, repair, and maintain experimental apparatus.
  • Ensure you execute; lead failure analysis activities for incidents originating from reliability testing for new product development and from fielded systems.
  • Develop materials laboratory capabilities and analysis methods to qualify new materials and process methods for high density electronics applications.
  • Warrant that your enterprise provides guidance to resolve material characterization, processing, fabrication, manufacturing problems and unexpected failures of components and/or materials.
  • Be accountable for applying concepts, principles, theories, and methods for developing appropriate materials analysis protocols.
  • Deliver booking and revenue for Life Science products consistent with allocated quarterly target/yearly budget.
  • Utilize environmental testing equipment, HALT and other methods to be able to precipitate failures as a precursor to in depth failure analysis.
  • Determine system level performance requirements and develop fundamental system knowledge through experimentation and process optimization.
  • Audit: research the existing testing standards and design suitable experiments for the material of each component.
  • Be accountable for maintaining a capability development effort to ensure that cutting edge research tools are available for the research community.


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