Suppliers, external developers, service contractors and other third parties that have access to your critical systems can have weak cybersecurity programs and processes, making it critical that you you embed security throughout your IT value chain and drive collaboration between IT operations, applications, and security teams. The lead SOC analyst will have to be responsible for helping build out a fully functional SOC and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the security and integrity of your systems and data, providing operational oversight and complete life cycle management of cyber threats.

Private Information

Security features are built into all of your products, services, and infrastructure to keep data protected at every layer, from navigating anti-bribery and corruption regulations in multiple jurisdictions to investigative due diligence and outsourced screening services. A suite of solutions can be tailored for organizations of any size. Enterprise data sets, equally important and often handled by third party information analytics organizations, are frequently stored unencrypted in the cloud, with the expectation that their data lives within one of these private pockets.

Contractual Process

Every time you use third parties, you will contractually control and be responsible for the use of your information and be able to place contractual requirements on privacy data sent to your sub-processors. Make sure that IT security becomes an integral part of your enterprise-architecture, coding, testing, and contracting practices, and that compliance with your organization IT-security policies is part of the project (and the budget approval or budget release) process from the start. Hackers who want your information or want to disrupt your operations are looking for any way into your network.

Broad Program

Integration technology is fundamental to business operations, but connecting information systems is becoming progressively more complicated as data pours in from so many types of systems, applications, and devices—from on-premises data centers as well as from an incredible variety of third-party applications and services. Conducting a SWOT analysis can help you use resources efficiently, improve operations, uncover opportunities, mitigate risk, and become more competitive. Also, your partner program can give you access to a broad selection of third-party applications that can increase productivity and streamline operations across your organization.

Other Service

Every day more data — including new claims, policy changes, detailed financial information and other business communications — enters your business. If information is transmitted to you using a means that is outside your systems, or if you transmit information to a third party, you cannot guarantee the security of information during transmission. IT service provider organizations must build trust with customers to succeed in a fast-paced, increasingly complicated technology and business environment.

Availability means that information can be accessed and modified by anyone authorized to do so in an appropriate timeframe. Organizationally, all utilities have a robust physical security detail, and most utilities have some information systems security function to handle the information security requirements for corporate systems. Safeguarding the ever-increasing volumes of valuable corporate data against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse has become integral to maintaining operations and meeting increasingly vigorous data privacy compliance requirements.

A major part of that commitment includes a focus on protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of the information you handle on behalf of your organization. In conjunction with your affiliates, partners, and third-party suppliers, effective information security helps maintain the integrity of valuable corporate assets, enables compliance with industry regulations, and helps ensure the integrity of a trusted brand image and sustain business continuity.

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