WordPress is very powerful in terms of managing images and photos.  Many web loggers are particularly enjoying the activity of putting and placing photographs and images on their web logs.  And as a response to this, WordPress has specifically made the photo feature as one of their strongest inclusions in their set of features.  

The WordPress has tied up to some of the well credible and highly established websites specifically engaged in providing services to photo and image manipulation and supervision. One of the known affiliates of WordPress is the Flickr website, a well visited and well utilized photo website on the net.

WordPress has a feature that allows the user or the web logger to connect a photo on their WordPress account making the whole blog impressively personalized.  This is done by incorporating the use of the profile in the blog.  Just recently, with the latest updates on the new WordPress version, the capability to import photos from the mobile phone has been made possible.  

This new feature of WordPress has astoundingly made a great leap in the mobile phone and Internet technologies.  There may have been a few glitches that surrounded this new offered feature of WordPress but in general, all patches have been deployed and all issues that concern the mobile phone importation of pictures have been resolved.  

To this date, more and more updates are being made on the particular plugin that specifically handles the supervision of photos and images in WordPress.  These plugins have become more WordPress oriented and bring more capabilities to handle pictures and images.  

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