Online training centers and review schools provide free MCDST practice exams for their trainees.  This is part of their services and included in the curriculum for their MCDST certification training modules.  Usually, practice exams will be given to trainees after comprehensive lectures and online tutoring and coaching services.  The practice exams will gauge the retained knowledge of trainees and also a good indicator of how well they will perform in the actual exam process. 

On the other hand, there are many websites that publish hundreds of MCDST exam questions.  These free resources can be downloaded and printed so that those who are self studying for the MCDST exams can answer them.  It provides an overview of the MCDST exam so that during the actual test, examinees would have an easy time answering the questions.

There are also web based free MCDST practice exams.  These exam kits and modules can be answered online.  Usually, sets of MCDST exam questions would have to be answered by just pressing buttons for the correct answers and submitting it online.  After a few seconds, the results will be displayed on the web interface.  It will generate the ratings of the examinee and provide suggestions for weak areas that require more in depth studies.  It could certainly help examinees determine if they can successfully pass the actual MCDST exam.  Aside from being free, web based practice tests provide instant results and anyone can take it repeatedly until they grasp every section of the MCDST exam modules.

MCDST brain dumps teach their students to pass the exams.  These are training centers and providers that focus in giving students hundreds of test questions and repeated test simulations so that examinees can memorize MCDST test questions.  If numerous MCDST exam modules are studied, it is assumed that the trainees would have better chances of passing the exams.

Brain dump training is widely practiced in the IT profession.  With the increasing competitiveness in the IT industry, practitioners want to get ahead by having numerous certifications under their belt.  Even without experience, they will be able to get certification through training in brain dump institutions. 

This practice is frowned upon by some IT professionals.  They contend that brain dump institutions downgrade and lower the quality of the professional certification process.  Brain dump training is also not getting popular support among software vendors that issue the certifications. 

For the MCDST certification, it is easier to pass the certification exams through MCDST brain dump training centers.  Because the MCDST is composed only of two core exams that are primarily knowledge based, memorizing the questions is a sure way of passing the tests. 

Vendors however are minimizing the effectiveness of brain dump institutions by creating skills based exam modules.  These skills based test kits are designed to determine the actual experience of examinees in the IT industry.  Usually, certification exams will consist of multi choice knowledge based modules and skills based practical problem tests.  In this way, brain dumping would not be too effective as a method for passing the certification process.

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