MCDST Exam Questions in Test Exams

Technical support representatives handling Microsoft Windows concerns can take their careers to the next level by becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional (or MCP for short) after passing the two core exams for the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (also known as MCDST) credential. The exams for MCDST are focused on assessing and measuring the troubleshooting skills of the examinees, particularly for those concerns that come up in the desktop environments of Microsoft’s operating systems (different versions Windows).

MCDST is made up of two core exams, the Exam 70-271 and Exam 70-271. Sample exam questions can be accessed by candidates for free in some websites such as This website is known to donate practice tests so that candidates with budget limitations can still review comprehensively for the exams. For those who are willing and able to spend more, they can buy extensive review packages online. Prices vary depending on the completeness of the review package.

In the sample questions, scenarios are often presented to the candidate, and he will need to pick the best choice. In a test like this, it’s important for the candidate to not only have the necessary technical knowledge but to also have a high level of reading comprehension and quick thinking and reading skills while under time pressure.

Questions cover issues from early versions of Windows (e.g. 98) to the latest version, Vista. Comprehensive knowledge of Windows on the system and network administrator level is a must if the candidate has any hopes to pass and officially become an MCP.

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