If you are a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician or would like to be one, you will definitely need some training manuals to help you get the job done – or at least try to get a bit of legwork done in your studying. In this case, your manuals must be with you almost all the time. But how is this possible if the manuals are big, bulky and definitely hard to lug around? The answer, of course, is in trying to make your manuals as compact as possible.

By this we mean transforming them into a form which you can tote around in your pocket. It’s something which you can bring with you anywhere or even share with other people. And the best way for you to actually accomplish this is to create PDF files of your Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician manuals. This is easy if you have the time and the patience, and is definitely worth it in the end. If you already have the hard copies, you just need to get to a scanner and start scanning away. If the thing is too time costly for you, you may just opt to make copies of the parts you truly need. You do not need to scan the whole manual, just the parts that are considered essential in your everyday work as a Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician. If you can do this, you can even help out fellow Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician friend or two – and everyone will really be grateful for it.

There are many MCDST study guides that can be used in order to successfully pass the certification process in just one sitting.  The MCDST exam is a basic qualification requirement of Microsoft for IT professionals responsible for handling Windows based desktop environments.  This is a relatively easy certification process because there are only two core examinations that need to be passed.  Elective exams are not needed to get full certification from Microsoft. 

When prospective MCDST professionals enroll in any training center, they will be given access to numerous study materials that they will need for the examination.  For example, an online training center usually provides trainees with electronic manuals, reading materials and resources, and MCDST practice questions.  These are all downloadable study guides that can be stored in any computer so that trainees can study them anytime.  Of course, in order to get these MCDST study guides, one should enroll and pay the tuition requirements of the training centers.  The downloadable study materials are part of the services provided by training centers.

There are also published MCDST study guides.  These books and manuals are available in any computer book shop or book stores.  Usually, MCDST books contain hundreds of questions and practice exam kits which can be used for exam simulations.  There are also sections that provide practical solutions to common desktop environment problems. These study materials are ideal for those who are fond of reading books.  Although one should ensure that the MCDST books and manuals are updated and contain the latest information about the exams. 

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