Over the years, things and concepts evolve.  What may look very high tech today may be old and passé the next day.  Concepts and learning all the same change and grow.  This is the reason why upgrading your knowledge and skill has become a relative word.  When you have reached the peak of learning and understanding the concept, then upgrading is the easiest and most intelligent way to go out.

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) is a program of Microsoft that envisions equipping computing experts and enthusiasts alike to become database administrators and database developers.  This program, MCDBA, is a profession that is primarily tasked to plan an effective implementation and administration of the databases on the MS SQL Server.  This certification process when hurdled qualifies a person to design physical and logical database models, develop and modify data service employing the T-SQL method, and supervise and manage databases in general. When this certification has been attained and you would want to step a notch higher, then you can upgrade your skill by getting the MCITP or the Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional

The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional is an extension of the MCDBA.  In fact, this program is the closest area that any MCDBA holder can get into.  The same principles about database management and database handling are applied when you upgrade your knowledge and become a MCITP holder.  The MCITP is a program that is designed for advanced Information Technology specialists that can include database administrators, database developers, support technicians and personnel for Server maintenance and similar job related works.  

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