The ways of earning money in today’s world is endless and the more technology is put into the world as the artificial workman, the more would the people in the business be able to develop more programs and systems that could only be done by a specific few.
This specific few does not just turn up each night or the night after it, as they are trained for it and the end-result of every training process is always a test, but in Microsoft, this test come in the form of Certification Examinations that are quite meaningful.
For example, in the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) that caters towards Business Intelligence the examination is question is hard enough that a good and capable taker is often faced with questions that are too complex.
Studying helps in many ways, but the main thrusts of every preparation stage should also encompass doing training for real and not just on paper as this kind of work is also included in the certification examination.
A MCITP BI should also be able to show to his superiors as well as to the certification examination proctors that he is capable of designing a wide range of analysis solutions and data transformations that are sure to pass any scrutiny.
He must also be able to give the proper reports on the results of his work on the development of designs and multi-dimensional database models on aspects that are both logical in approach, but still physical.
The claims of being good in data warehousing and data transformation should also be proven through the examination itself, and this performance should also be continued even after the said trial.

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