As there are already many kinds of Microsoft certifications present today, the number of available jobs is also increased ten-fold, and this may come as an excuse for a person, who’ve failed one to try on other things.
In this, his right to do this is not undeniable, but it is also fitting that he try to pass the mountains barring his way, as the old folks say, and running away from them is not always the best possible strategy available.
On the worst circumstances, he could always try on the preparation kits available, which could be very useful in the quest of passing the Certification Examinations that Microsoft offers.
On the very least, he could try on the books available, and they do come complete with easy to read data, and practice examination tools, which when used to the fullest could arm the taker with the best kind of preparation tool.
In MCITP, there are books that also provide readings on the workings of achieving good data analytics that will ultimately lead to better and improved versions of solutions that are part of every MCITP work.
Of course the act of programming and customizing servers is also present in MCITP and these can also be learned and read about in the MCITP books that are commercially available, both Online and on the bookstores, whichever is more convenient.
As for the facts about using Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), which is one of the trickiest part in MCITP, it is always best to purchase books that are solely dedicated to explaining it, and they may come with explanations on customer transforms and custom reporting solutions.

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