Enrolling in MCITP boot camp is one of the quickest ways to learn and grasp the essentials of MCITP modules.  These boot camp services are live training programs set on a typical class room type environment.  

An MCITP boot camp could last for a couple of days to several weeks.  The duration of the training will depend on the type of MCITP module being studied.  There are also boot camps that allow their trainees to set their own schedules.  This is to accommodate those that cannot attend regular training sessions.  Of course, this special service will entail additional fees.  

To get the most benefit from an MCITP boot camp, IT professionals are advised to choose those that have less number of trainees per session.  This is to ensure the effectiveness of the training process.  Mentors will also have more time to attend to trainees if the class size is small.  

IT professionals that are planning to take multiple MCITP certifications should also take advantage of the multiple package MCITP boot camps.  There are MCITP boot camps that offer 4 in 1 training sessions.  This means in one boot camp training session, 4 MCITP modules will be available for study.  IT professionals can save time and effort with this kind of training system.  

A boot camp can also provide hands-on training for participants.  The provider will utilize its IT environment to run Microsoft applications.  This will speed up the learning process and ensure that the trainees could grasp the critical processes involved in running Microsoft software technologies.

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