The MCITP certifications offer several courses and examinations that could help IT professionals showcase their expertise in their own specific field.  MCITP stands for Microsoft Certified IT Professional.  Its certification process is ideal for IT administrators, developers, and technical support staff.

In general, the Microsoft Certified IT Professional certifications will highlight the capabilities of IT professionals in the design, development, implementation, and troubleshooting of IT environments and infrastructures.  For those who want to advance their career or land a better job in the IT industry, getting an MCITP certification is a must.  

IT professionals can choose which area of specialization they would follow in getting the MCITP certification.  For database administrators and managers, they can choose the MCITP Developer or MCITP Administrator certification programs.  For managers that are tasked to develop the business intelligence of enterprises, they can take the MCITP Business Intelligence Developer and the Business Intelligence Develop 2008 certifications.

Server administrators, customer support technicians, and other IT professionals performing technical tasks on server infrastructures can become an MCITP Consumer Support Technician, Server Administrator, or Enterprise Support Technician.  

Indeed, Microsoft’s MCITP certification process will open new opportunities for IT professionals performing different tasks.  If certified as experts in their specific field, IT professionals will be able to perform their jobs excellently and could become valuable assets for their companies.  They can also benefit from the perks and bonuses given to certified IT professionals.  They can also take advantage of Microsoft’s certified professional development programs in order to further enhance their careers.

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