For professionals who are already MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) or MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) holders, obtaining any MCITP certification is now possible. This is through passing the MCITP Exam 70-649 and other two added tests. The MCITP Exam 70-649 is required for both the MCSE and the MCSA. This specific test is considered as the transition exam to MCITP certification.

MCSE is considered as the mostly known certification given by Microsoft. If a person is a holder of this certification, that proves that he is capable in analyzing the different business requirements needed for the information systems. This certification also proves ability in designing and implementing the different infrastructures required for the information systems. This certification can be taken by those who are expert on using the Windows Server 2003.

On the other hand, the MCSA certifies those who have a professional knowledge about the system administration of the Microsoft Windows. Compared to MCSE, MCSA is a lot simpler, although this is not a subcategory of the former. To acquire an MCSA certification, an individual should be able to pass 2 exams on networking systems, an elective exam, and exam on client operating system.

Since both of the MCSE and MCSA certifications are already considered as previously offered certification programs, professionals having any of these can still prove their worth on the IT industry. That is by getting the MCITP certification through the MCITP Exam 70-649 Prep kit. With this review material, the professional will have a higher percentage of possibly passing the MCITP and therefore be a professional on any Microsoft’s IT fields.

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