Microsoft MVP and networking consultant Tony Nothrup fused ideas with writer and consultant J.C. Mackin to craft a masterpiece to sustain and troubleshoot applications on a Windows Vista Client intended for Enterprise Support Technicians certification—the MCITP Self Paced training Kit (Exam 70-622). This book was introduced as an up-to-date self paced training kit intended to assist people to maximize their performance on the required examination for the recent Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Support Technician certification for Windows Vista Client.

This book presents the official study guide of Microsoft including the practice tests on CD to help the reader evaluate his skills. To further ensure the learning of its reader, Nothrup and Mackin present the book in a detailed manner by featuring a rigorous review focusing on the objective, examination tips from experts, and changeable testing options.

This book is also claimed to have an exceptional value because it provide numbers of benefits by giving its readers with profound coverage of examination goals and sub-goals plus helpful troubleshooting scenarios and case studies for the enhancement of someone’s performance on his job. This is also composed of more than 425 pages of practice and assessment questions as well as test engine that allow customized testing, pre-appraisal and post-appraisal, plus scoring and comments. This is also equipped with practical exam-mapping framework. The assessment version of Windows Vista including the entire review guide in searchable design of eBook is presented inside too. No wonder, the creation of Nothrup and Mackin are very worthy career investment.

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