There are many kinds of MCP examinations for the different needs of the customers and takers. In fact, for every kind of exam there is a corresponding certificate for it. A certification comes right afetr the examiners’ taking and passing of the examination. Although there are different kinds of certificates, there is no corresponding limit as to how many certificates a person may have. That person may have only one or two certificates. He may even have multiple certificates. All of it depends on his ability to pass the examinations for the given certificates. Now, a certification on, say Microsoft Certifies Systems Engineer is not transferrable to another person. Nor is it tranferrable in terms of job description. For example, having that said certification does not mean the person is also certificated to act as a Solution Developer. It should also be remembered that there are also other programming companies offering certification. Microsoft is just one of them. And though, Microsoft controls a big part of the number of programs running in the computers today, a MCP certification does not translate to certification in another company. All that is certain is that, with the certificates the fear that the customers will be shortchanged by the programmers is minimal. Customer satisfaction is always the primary goal of every company, espeacially a programming company, who has many competitors. So to sum all this up, a MCP Certifiacation will guarantee good services and efficient delivery of what’s been promised in the label. This is what all customers want and this is what they’ll be expecting to receive. 


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