The Microsoft Certified Professional certainly has its perks and benefits.  Passing the MCP exam is just the first step to a world of career opportunities and advancement.  With your MCP certificate, you have the rights to access and take advantage of the huge resources of its MCP Member Site.  The MCP Member Site is an exclusive, members only site for professionals who passed the MCP exam. 

Once you pass the MCP exam, you can gain access to the MCP Member Site which will provide you with a Welcome Kit upon request.  It will also give you exclusive privileges like discounts, original logos, and many more.  Downloading of your original transcripts of records to show off your other certificates are also allowed in the MCP Member Site.

To access the MCP Member Site, all you need to do is provide your .NET Passport for authentication purposes.  It is relatively easy to obtain a .NET passport via its website just in case you still dont have a .NET passport.  Once you obtain your .NET passport or if you already own a .NET passport, the next thing you need to do is migrate your Microsoft certifications and you are ready to access the MCP Member Site.

The MCP Member Site contains a wealth of information from other MCP holders.  You can connect with other certified professionals.  With such a huge network of professionals, opportunities are remarkably enormous.  Client references, tips, advice, work opportunities, events, and many more!  You can even show off your skills and achievements to other members and potential clients because your transcript is always available and ready for download. 

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