Being a Microsoft Certified Professional MCP enables you to have huge opportunities in the IT industry. One of the jobs that you get is Network Administrator. In this position, you will be in charge of network support and desk side support for the company. Maintaining and establishing user accounts in accessing the companys network are just some of the major responsibilities of a network administrator.

In handling this task, you should be familiar with the network protocols and other tracking processes to access them. You need to respond quickly to resolve the problems of users regarding the connectivity and at the same time pass on complex difficulties to the Level II Admin. You should also know how to provide a security access, domain and access to workgroups. In this job, it is also important to maintain an excellent customer relation and give clients the satisfaction they deserve. In some occasions, you will be also assigned in the installation of hardware in communications and implement other tasks in training people and developing systems and applications for the company.

This position requires you to have the knowledge in doing minor equipment and device repairs. That is why most companies compel their new hires to have the necessary MCP certifications to prove their skill and knowledge in Microsoft technology. So if you want to be a Network Administrator, you need to have hands on experience in the field and get an MCP certification to back you up.

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