MCSE Braindump A Proof that Cheaters Never Win

A form of cheating  this is what braindumps are all about. It is very saddening to think that some people will undeniably do everything only to get an MCSE certification. Those who use MCSE braindumps are most likely the same people who did not pass the exam on first attempt. Intentional as it may seem, the trick is that they will memorize or copy questions that they find difficult to answer or use electronic gadgets such as mobile phones or PDAs to capture them. After the exam, they will search for the correct answer and take note of it. If the same question is given on the next exam, definitely there will be a high probability that they will pass it. Though examinees are often encouraged not to bring personal items during the exam, there are still some who can get away with this policy.

The truth about certification exams is that questions are recycled. This means that the same exam question will most likely appear after some time. Typically MCSE exams consist of 50 to 60 questions only, mostly presented in multiple choice type wherein candidates have to select the best answer among options presented. This is also the reason why keeping a record of possible questions and answers is not that difficult to do.

A lot of web sites feature braindump exams such as TestKing but Microsoft is serious in eliminating such wrong doings. On August 2006, the company filed a lawsuit against individuals who are promoters of braindumping under the grounds of copyright infringement. In addition, certification providers resorted to using non-disclosure agreements to bind examinees to a legal contract wherein they are not allowed to divulge confidential information after taking the exam.

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