Nowadays students could harness their studies by taking MCSE Computer-based training or CBT, it is a type of education in which the students learn by using a computer. They will execute the assigned tasks using specialized softwares or computer applications.

Computer softwares and applications keep on getting better. People who are studying and are working in the field of technology should be always updated in the latest technology news. They should be always aware and taking their skills to a higher level because the competition today of finding a good job is hard.

In the course of history, the growth of CBT has been hindered by the vast resources that is needed like human resources to create a CBT program. People now are much fortunate because they can hone their skills and computer knowledge at home.

Many computer applications are equipped with a modest form of CBT, it is often called a tutorial. Some of these examples are the typing softwares or programs that enhanced keyboarding skills.

People could learn computer generated Images or CGI through computer and they could practice and master it wherever they want if they have a computer notebook and a wireless internet connection. They could also do desktop publisher, learn computer programming, web designing and many more at their own comfort. Learning today becomes easier and flexible.

One could also enroll at a school if that person wants a certificate. One could learn CBT at home but he or she could choose to have a better career by investing some money to take classes at a school to have a certificate for a better job in the future.

If one is interested in getting a certification of his skills without even attending schools for diploma, having either MCSE/CCNA is a great choice. But the two options are very different from each other. One may be more beneficial than the other. Is MCSE better than CCNA or is it CCNA that is better than MCSE? Well, no one really knows.

The real BIG difference between MCSE-CCNA is the platform they work with. MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification is, obviously, the best option for people who plan to work with company using Microsoft-based network servers and devices. But the CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is only concerned on CISCO equipment like how to configure them, how to setup the routers, or how to use the routing protocol.

The edge of one from the other also depends largely on the person who might need them. But generally, CCNA is more advanced when it comes to network knowledge. Companies needing networking experts, whether using Microsoft platform or not, might want to hire a professional with CCNA certification. CCNA certified individual is expected to know a lot in installing, configuring, operating WAN, LAN, and dialling access services for small networks. CCNA certified professionals are highly qualified working with different protocols like IP, Serial, IGRP, Frame Relay, VLANs, IP RIP, RIP, Access List, and Ethernet.

Meanwhile, the MCSE certified professional is expected to organize new systems and network. They are also capable of having outstanding network designing skills. Companies with Windows-based network would likely hire MCSE certified professionals than the CCNA certified.

Depending on what the person really intends to specialize on, CCNA may be better than MCSE or MCSE may be better than the CCNA.

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