The beauty of technology is that one is constantly being introduced to innovate products and reincarnations of past wonders that are designed to make things a lot more efficient than they once were. The difficult thing about this, however, is that end users are constantly familiarizing themselves with the newest version  and for some people, studying and re-learning previously mastered concepts can be such a bother. Take for example Microsoft 2000s Certified Systems Engineer version which received a jumpstart upgrade to the 200 Windows Server Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer track. But of course, once you get down to it, innovation is innovation and the little amount of time you spend relearning something will be worth it for the next couple of years  till a new offering arrives yet again.

If you are currently a W2K Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification holder, you will need to recertify yourself in order to become a professional user of Windows Server 2003. This new Microsoft Systems Engineer track comes with its own host of characteristics that experts need to provide a test for those aspiring to be part of the token few who know how to operate the new system track. The great thing about this new Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer track is that the Windows Server 2003 certification track is an open field  meaning, if you want to recertify you can but you can still make use of your old Windows 2000 certification (unlike other certifications where your old one becomes null and void).

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