Certificate of Need Online Application/Management System Joint Provider/Surveyor Training March 27, 2008
Michigan Department
of Community Health
Michigan CON Program Web Site: www.michigan.gov/con
MDCH Single Sign-on & CON e-Serve Online Application System Web Site: sso.state.mi.us
Certificate of Need Online Application Module Timelines
Letter of Intent module released January 2006

Nonsubstantive application, amendment and emergency CON modules released Spring 2007

Substantive application module tentatively scheduled for release in November 2007

Potential comparative application module still to be determined
Single Sign-on Main Page
Single Sign-on User Roles
CON E-Serve Main Page
Nonsubstantive Application
Application Components
Required forms
CON Review Standards
Required documents
Mark Complete
Responses to Standards
Application Submission
Fees and Other Required Documents
Must be submitted to be deemed received by the Department.
Eligible Applications
Amendment Submission
Supporting Documents

Please note amendments can only be submitted by the original single sign-on user. For CONs prior to 2006, the author is defaulted to the Department. For any changes in author, contact Project Coordinator at (517) 241-3348.
Emergency CON
MCL 333.22235 Requirements
Emergency CON Submission
Supporting Documents
Affidavit must be submitted to be deemed received by the Department.
Helpful Hints
If a form is opened after being Marked Complete, the form must be Marked Complete again. Form status will change from Assigned to Complete .

All forms must be Marked Complete in order to submit application.

Once the application is submitted, it cannot be modified unless unlocked by the Department.

Substantive and Potential Comparative applications must be submitted on paper. Although links may be available for some of the required forms and standards for these application types, please do not enter data into the system but download the required forms.

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