In this world of computer and chips, a whole lot of problems may erupt during the phase of use. This cannot be avoided, so owners of computers generally have to go and have their unit fixed. A Microsoft Certified Professional(MCP) is really not just an average computer programmer. Instead, a MCP is someone that not only specializes in one or many different areas in programming, but also has a license or certificate to show for it. In this way, would-be customers would not be bedeviled into being tricked by a con-man who acts and talks as if he knows how to fix it. With this certificate, assuring the honesty and integrity of the programmer is now easier. Now any person may avail of such certificate once he has passed the series of exams about the program he wishes to have a certificate. In fact, any person, who is really good at what he does at programming then he must give the exam a try. And on another thought, customers cannot be burdened more by the anxiety that the one doing their programming is "really" doing it. To help alleviate this problem, the MCP examinations should be taken. Employers should even encouraged and make their programmers take the examinations. This is not a vain venture, as today Microsoft has most of the share in the programming market. Good service and its continuance is really what customers expect from good companies, and this is why MCP is important. Not the cost, the hassle, but the customer’s content smile.

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