Write original program code based on defined specifications and be able to test and modify program codes to correct errors or enhance an existing programs capability.

More Uses of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Toolkit:

  • Establish: participation in strategic and tactical planning with business partners, vendors, and organizational unit management.
  • Pilot: consultation and planning for specific modifications and enhancements to production applications/information systems.
  • Deliver application/software functionality through programming and configuring software, code review and testing.
  • Identify: regularly communicate with lead developer and solution architect to report status and ensure solutions are implemented in alignment with it strategy and standards.
  • Steer: work closely with other staff, as project managers, database admins, infrastructure admins, developers, systems analysts, and business analysts.
  • Confirm your organization coordinates with other team members and ensures problem solution, appropriate risk reduction, and user satisfaction.
  • Lead code review to ensure that customization code quality is at the highest level possible and appropriate design patterns are being followed.
  • Ensure you extend existing automation framework to work with new services and write end to end automation for user scenarios (UI and service layer).
  • Make certain that your organization performs analysis and evaluation of options, alternatives, and Microsoft Dynamics applications capabilities.
  • Develop dashboards, reports and design business process flow to accommodate approvals at each stage of the business process.
  • Methodize: conduct code review to ensure that customization code quality is at the highest level possible and appropriate design patterns are being followed.
  • Govern: new first party data integration projects that use as to send / receive data updates for all other first party assets.
  • Make sure that your organization engages in the most complex customer environments and challenging projects and achieve successful outcomes.
  • Create, socialize and refine detailed functional designs with other project team leads and client business representatives.
  • Collaborate regularly across multiple department heads to develop standardized dashboard reporting tailored to area of focus.
  • Ensure you understand customer requirements and advise project team on highly specialized, complex solutions architecture and implementation.
  • Be accountable for participating in design and architecture sessions with key business users, gathering and documenting business processes and requirements for the system.
  • Ensure your organization acts as highest level technical expert, addressing problems of systems integration, compatibility, and multiple platforms.
  • Coordinate geographically distributed Team Onshore/Offshore Model to expedite custom solutions and testing.
  • Ensure you understand and communicate clients needs, project team goals, and individual roles in building custom and packaged solutions for clients.


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