Amidst companies’ move to go into ERP systems, many companies have come up with software solutions. All do so in attempt to answer the demand that is looming the market today. Microsoft is not any different to them. Being the leading software company, it also has its own offering when it comes to ERP.

Seeing competing companies offering and gaining a share in the market of ERP software, Microsoft started offering ERP software as well.  In fact, it has several ERP software solutions in the market in the names of Microsoft ERP Navision, Techtura, Great Plains, Solomon and Axapta. Well, not all of these software are geared solely towards ERP. However, IT professionals have come to appreciate the features these software offers. Some other enterprise and commercial features are also embedded in the software. Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage would depend on the company making use of them. But what Microsoft is really is doing is answering to the needs of its customers whether they may be small or medium enterprises or large companies. Microsoft is also constantly improving their products in order to give better applications. They are also suiting them up so that moving from one application to the other will be easy.

Well, one thing Microsoft has over less popular names in the market is that many companies are already running under Microsoft applications. They would rather get something of Microsoft as well so as to ensure easier integration and migration if needed. Although Microsoft cant be called the leader in ERP, it is certainly looking into providing better solutions and gaining more market share. 

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