Microsoft was motivated to create a security framework that can be used for IT Management
(specifically for corporate clients and their system infrastructure) because client
businesses need to get higher returns on their investment into IT, cut down on expenses,
and help their IT functions stay aligned with their business functions.

This security framework can be used on the Microsoft Windows operating system which is the
common platform used by many client businesses, through the Microsoft product lines. These
product lines are namely the Forefront and the System Center brands which should be used
together for best corporate results.

Microsoft aims to eventually produce long-term integration of both IT Management and its
security functions so that Microsoft remains the market leader in this IT area and can meet
corporate client needs. This requires comprehension by Microsoft engineers of the IT needs
particular to each client category, starting from the small mom-and-pop operations (like
Internet cafes) to the larger enterprises.

This will direct much of the efforts and mindset of Microsoft in the near future and over
the long haul. At present, Microsoft is already seeing corporate clients using the Forefront
and System Center brands since these meet their demands for an IT infrastructure that they
find easier to manage and keep secure, while keeping expenses down and productivity up. IT
personnel for each corporate client find their jobs  made more easier with the use of these
IT Management and security applications so that they can make changes that are necessary in
the most convenient way.

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