Microsoft SQL Server is a known product brand of relational database management system. Many organizations, small to big enterprises, are relying on SQL Server for managing their databases of important information. But since every organization will need a specific type of SQL Server, Microsoft has made this software application a product line. There are different choices for a Microsoft SQL Server application. Each of these is answering the specific requirements of a certain organization. Among these is the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition.

Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition is primarily offered for small to medium enterprises that needs a great software application to help for better database management. It has all the needed features for data warehousing, e-commerce, and other business solutions. All the features of the SQL Server Standard Edition are also related to business intelligence. There are also high-availability features providing an organization with the needed capabilities to support their various operations.

The SQL Server Standard Edition features can be generalized into three. These are the ease of use, manageability, reporting, and analytics. With this edition, the organization can expect less costly operation as well as development of databases due to the easiness of using the product. There are also the management tools and other automated administration features that promise effective and better manageability of the organization’s databases. SQL Server Standard Edition also features built-in reporting technologies and analysis that are helpful in gaining insight and developing the decision-making ability.

Other than the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition, Microsoft also offers other SQL Server editions particularly for specific types of enterprises. These are the Enterprise Edition, Workgroup Edition, Developer Edition, Express Edition, and Compact Edition.

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