Microsoft to Provide Virtualization Support

In technology, virtualization is a technique that allows a single resource (e.g. a platform or a server) to be divided into several partitions, each of which acts as a stand-alone duplicate of the original resource. Virtualization can also be done conversely–several resources can be virtually combined into one single resource. From a simpler perspective, virtualization exists to maximize the use of physical resources by allowing people to design or modify them according to their specific needs.

The virtualization technology has proven to be very useful for corporations and individual users alike. People are no longer hindered by what physical resources can do. The limitations of physical resources can be overcome by the almost boundless possibilities provided by virtualized resources. Portability and compatibility issues are therefore minimized.

Because of the great convenience afforded by virtualization technology, it’s no surprise that this technique has its own share of support coming from major players in the software industry, one of which is Microsoft. In more recent news, this software giant shared their plan for supporting virtualization involving Microsoft Forefront, a line of products dedicated to providing maximum security. One particular product is the Forefront Client Security which will provide support to Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. This is said to be released within the year. The next year proves to be promising as well with Microsoft’s plan to release the latest version of Forefront products in the first and second quarters of 2009. These latest versions are supposed to be able to support more applications of virtualization.

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