MIS and its Role

The term MIS is defined as Management Information Systems.  It is also referred as Information Management and Systems.  MIS refers to the discipline or management of computer systems of an enterprise that includes people, technologies and procedures. 

MIS is different from the regular information systems as MIS is commonly referred to as a group that is tied up in the automation or support management decision making.  It is also confused as information system.  It should be noted that information systems include systems that are not intended for decision-making.

The MIS or the MIS department role is to establish a planned system of collecting, processing, storing and disseminating data by means of information required in the carrying out of management functions.  As managers, it is necessary that based on written processes and procedures they need to ensure that the enterprise can fulfill the tasks required to achieve its objectives. 

In today’s modern technology, MIS is not just limited to providing decsion support  systems, it also deals with  resource and people management applications, project management, and database retrieval application.  The MIS tries to analyze the computer and information requirements of the organization both on the operatiopnal and strategic perspective and determine any immediate or long term range personnel and equipment needed.

So, if you aim for higher production, and you don’t seem to be attaining your targets, the MIS people will start on looking on how you will be able to attain your targets and make recommendations to management for improvement.

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