Now, Management Information System (MIS) aren’t really just for the Business world.
In fact, almost any juridical entity can use it, from the biggest of the Corporation, and to the smallest company.
Even, countries and their governments may use them to their advantage, and in terms of Information taken in, government are more likely to have more sets of Information to secure than most corporations.

There are the Information about the economy as well as other National Security matters, apart from these two, there are also the most trivial yet still important papers about their citizens, from birth certificates to taxes.
MIS clearly is greatly in need at this part of the world.
As fact of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) is even releasing a MIS guide for the developing countries, and this guide aims help these countries on their health issues.

In MIS, the WHO hopes to bring the countries into approaching the health issues in a more logical approach.
With MIS, the WHO also hopes to provide a technical guide for the Health managers to use, and disseminate to their subordinates, in the hopes that with MIS guidance and use, the principles, as well as the issues involved in the development of Health MIS will be better addressed.
And because of the nature of this guide, the WHO expects the MIS to effect the lives and work of the Health Representatives on both National and Local levels.

This guide will ultimately take full effect months after its release and use as it has been designed to be user-friendly, as well as, easy to do quick references with.

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