Mobile Web 2.0 Applications for the Modern Internet User

Mobility is the driving force of modern information and communication technology.  Mobile access is becoming the norm in today’s business and personal computing.  The introduction of hybrid mobile devices and the increasing power of wireless networks contributed to the upsurge of mobile computing.

Within this technological milieu, web applications should add another abstraction layer on their architecture.  Web applications should be able to cater to the increasingly widening mobile users that access the Internet.  That is why the concept of Mobile 2.0 or mobile Web 2.0 is slowly becoming the hottest buzzword.

Mobile Web 2.0 is the practice of integrating web applications with that of mobile devices such as smart phones.  Mobile Web 2.0 however is not just a concept anymore.  It is being adopted and deployed today at an ever accelerating rate.  Mobile and telecom services providers are trying to upstage each other in the Mobile 2.0 market.  It is not surprising to see high end mobile devices that are capable of performing the functions of desktop or laptops. 

While the mobile wars are intensifying, the competition between different software developers is also increasing.  Literally hundreds of Web 2.0 applications have been developed for mobile users only.  There are mobile blogging applications, social networking apps, and even business applications that can be installed on mobile phones to quickly access different web services.

As the technologies of Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 advances, access and use through mobile services will surely surge forward to give users a more convenient platform for wireless Internet connection.

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